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The FORMAT19 FOREVER//NOW catalogue design.

The design of the catalogue continues to build on the concept established for the visual identity; a 'fine line’; exploring the ‘fragility’ of what is considered forever; and questioning the authenticity presented as now.

The lenticular on the front cover furthers the idea with the viewer seeing an image and the logo just a ‘fine line’ away from each other. The visual language is continued within with the headings all following the same typographic execution.

The publication is section sewn with a wrap round cover so each spread will lay flat to avoid loss of image in the gutter. The size of the publication has been driven by environmental concerns; by using the most of a printed sheet leaving the least amount of waste possible.

Dust jacket/loose cover is GF Smith’s Extract Paper made from disposable coffee cups – 90% of the coffee cup is upcycled and placed back into the papermaking process, while the other 10% which is plastic is recycled into other products.
Text pages Cyclus Offset 100% Recycled.

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