Dinu Li: Selected Works 2009—2010

Dinu Li

Situated between documented facts, oral histories, chance observations and the figments of imagination, artist Dinu Li explores the structures defining contemporary China’s cultural development.

Launched to coincide with the artist’s solo exhibition ‘Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is Mystery’, the publication ‘Selected Works 2009—2010’ includes work from;
‘Family Village (2009)’, a video installation of assembled dreams and a utopian ideal.
‘Crescendo (2010)’, a performance-based video, dealing with the uneasy tension between state-funded propaganda and self-initiated protests.
‘Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is Mystery (2010)’ a series of colour photographs that allude to a society redefining its aspirations.

QUAD Gallery publishing (2010)

The work is presented in a bespoke card folder with DVD showreel and 32 page booklet.